How To Protect Yourself Against Fraud: Crooks Of 2019

This was published in the November, 2019 issue of THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL. For information on subscribing, click on the tab above, “Paper Source Journal.” Why am I posting a roundup of note frauds committed this year (so far)?Its because most people aren’t aware of how many there are and how serious is the problem. THE PAPER SOURCE appears to be the only source of this information in the note industry, and so many people continue to be victimized. I dont want you to be one of them.Thousands of investors lost over $2.2 billion in the fraudulent note funds below just this year alone. And this is not even a complete list. Here are some tips to protect yourself against fraud:
* When you buy a note, TAKE POSSESSION OF IT. Own all the original documents, including the assignment from the seller with their actual signature, not copies.
* Service your notes yourself or hire a servicing company not affiliated with the note seller.
* Dont invest in note funds or joint ventures, etc. Do not trust ot…

Scam artists pay with fraudulent Treasury promissory notes

This is an older article, but the warning is still important.Just the other day I received this email:I want to ask if there are way to sale – international promissory note. – Issued byUS treasury. – Value $20Billion It was issued as compensation for lands in California. I have posted an image of the “note” below. (I told him my minimum purchase is $20 trillion.) by Lew SichelmanYet another scam designed to separate homeowners from their money is making its way across the country from the West, where desperate sellers are willing to accept just about any kind of compensation to get out from under.This scheme involves the use of fraudulent Treasury-related promissory notes and bonds as down payments by charlatans who claim to be short on cash. In most cases the scam artists try to buy homes using these worthless documents, but in one case they actually tried to purchase an office building.READ MORE: HERE TO SEE THE FRAUDULENT NOTE …

This Is Where the Most Homes Will Go on the Market

The sheer numbers of the babies born in the years after World War II have given them, the members of the boomer generation, clout their whole lives. Now as they age, downsize, and eventually die, a wave of homes will be released onto the real estate market in the coming years, with rippling effects.A recentstudy by Zillowpredicts that this substantial and sustained boost to housing inventory during the next two decades will have the greatest impact in places that are retirement hubs, such as Miami and Tucson, Ariz., as well as cities where younger residents have mostly left, like Cleveland and Pittsburgh.The construction industry could also be strongly affected, possibly needing to place a greater focus on updating existing properties rather than new construction, theZillow(Z) –Get Reportreport says.Vibrant regions featuring fast growth and affordable housing that draw younger residents, such as Atlanta and Austin, Texas, are less likely to be affected.Currently, 33.9% of owner-occupi…